Wedding Event Hire

Wedding Decorations That Bring Celebrations to Life

Wedding is the most important day in an individual’s life, we supply wedding décor items that never wilt and make your loves story look most beautiful. Who says there is nothing like everlasting beauty? We are a wedding event hire company that can make you believe the unbelievable. For more than a decade Floral Essence has been a trusted name for wedding event hire services. Our wedding hire products include gorgeous floral backdrops, bridal party flowers, floral runner, flower pedestal and many more. For most reliable wedding decoration hire Brisbane, contact us today.

Providing Glamorous and Colorful Wedding decorations Brisbane

When it comes to impactful and big décor item for the wedding day, it is hard to beat a wedding backdrop. Beautifully designed backdrops make huge splash in the picture and overall décor. We have two famous wedding backdrop frame options for you:

Background Frame:

If you don’t want a something heavy, seamless floral background frame is the simple solution. It is super light, easy to set, portable and most importantly available for wedding event hire. This easy wedding hire item can beautifully be used in photography

Pipe and Drape Background

If you are someone looking for something heavy that you can hang, pipe and drape background is the best bed. It is a beautiful and easy wedding hire item.

Products are booked separately and made as per couple requirement for their special day. We thoroughly listen to the couple to gain more knowledge about their preferences and needs. Here, we ensure that everything is in place for a memorable and stress-free day.

Our Wedding Decors Are the Natural Projection of Your Soul

If you are planning to hire wedding services for your big day. We can be the best bet, we are famous for providing outstanding wedding decorations Brisbane. We are creators and makers, having years of experience in wedding event hire industry, we design every wedding beautifully with beautiful flowers. Just as every wedding is unique, its décor should also be unique. We’re one wedding hire company that brings out something unique totally matching to the needs of every couple. Our passion for flowers makes us the best Wedding Decoration Hire Brisbane – Always.