8 Lovely Floral-Walls for Your Next Wed!
8 Lovely Floral-Walls for Your Next Wed!
April 25, 2019
Elegant Flower Wall Ideas to Make Your Wedding Day More Special
Elegant Flower Wall Ideas to Make Your Wedding Day More Special
November 15, 2019

Essentials for a Fairytale Wedding


A wedding is an extremely beautiful day in everyone lives. No person on this earth would want to ruin their wedding day just because of the poor arrangements. So we are at your service to make sure that none ruins your wedding day. The arrangement is what can make your wedding the most memorable day of your life or either a day that will make you cry every time you think about it. What you can do, is making a checklist that will ensure that everything is done at the appropriate time. Making a wedding checklist will ensure things go the way you planned and your big day is a success. So let me tell you what things you can’t forget to hire at your wedding:


You must have heard people saying during the wedding preps, “what’s the plan B” Planning a wedding isn’t a piece of cake. You must always have a ‘plan B’ ready. Let’s take the example of tents. What if there is a climate change during your big day or your guest are getting annoyed by the wind or the blazing sun. At this moment, your plan B will helps. Your guest might need a ceiling covering during the wedding. All of this will be solved if you hire tents as a backup plan.

Tables and Chairs

Tables and chairs are must in your wedding checklist. They should be necessarily hired for you and guests to sit down during the ceremony. People would be tired soon enough after wandering over here and there. So they will need chairs and tables to rest and sit while eating and cocktail hour. Your wedding musician team will need to sit down and rest their instruments. Proper sitting arrangements needed for your musicians too as they make your wedding day musically incredible. You will be needing some extra tables and chair to rest your gifts and cards. And let’s not forget the table you will need for the cake cutting ceremony.

Dance Floor

The big day isn’t complete without the bride and groom showing off some moves together. And of course, for that, a proper dance will be needed. A study says, “Half of the guests of a wedding, dances with bride and groom”. So you would need probably that big dance floor for your wedding. Mostly dance floors are made of wood but customized dancing floors can be made too.

Floral arrangements

Flower selection is what a bride awaits most during the wedding preps. And we understand how important flower decoration is. We ask you not to compromise on your wedding and select the best floral arrangement services like Floral Essence Flower Wall. We will provide you the best floral arrangements you have ever seen at any wedding.

What flower is your choice? Dahlia? Daisy? Jasmine? Rose? Daffodils? Or what so ever flower you need at your wedding decoration, we can get it for you.

Dinnerware, Flatware, and Barware

With tables and chairs, you will need to hire serving plates, forks, knives, spoons, red and white wine glasses, water glasses, champagne flutes, highball glasses, rock glasses, coffee mugs and many more things to make your wedding dinner go perfect. We hope, after making the above checklist and hiring our services your wedding will be the most epic day of your life.

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